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Featured Scholar

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Jayanta Tamang spent his early years in the high hills of Solukhumbu before moving to Kotdanda, Lalitpur. His father worked as medical assistant in the region, and married Jayanta’s future mother, a local from Solukhumbu, during his time there. He attended the local school (Tulasa Devi) till fourth grade but was then forced to move to Bishwamitra Ganesh because the local school only catered to the primary levee. They decided to move to their paternal home about ten years ago, which brought them here. Jayanta is the eldest of three sons in his family. The guidance of his teachers at the school made him realize that he had the opportunity to do something with his life. He focused, worked hard, and ended up securing a distinction in his SLC (School Leaving Certificate, tenth grade).

By his own admission, Jayanta is a quiet kid but he has an infectious smile, and he is methodical in his approach to life. He is the first to pursue higher education in his family. He loves Mathematics, and wants to pursue a degree in Engineering. His interest in the profession stems from his desire to discover and create new things. He hopes to serve his village through his work.

Even while wanting to support Jayanta’s ambitions, due to extreme financial constraints, his parents have been unable to do so.The fellowship now allows the family to contribute to his education without making it impossible for them to make ends meet at home.

Jayanta became a Samaanta fellow in 11th grade, and he attended Pentagon Higher Secondary School in Teenkune, Kathmandu for the next two years. He excelled in his studies, and was able to secure over 70% in his board exams for both years. He has also grown tremendously in the last two years, and he has become a more articulate, confident person. We are pleased to renew his Samaanta fellowship for the next four years, as he pursues a Bachelor’s degree. He gained admission at a number of institutions and is now enrolled to get a B. Sc. in Computer Studies (IT) at St Xavier’s College, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

Jayanta is an avid sports fan, and loves to play football in his spare time. He also enjoys watching movies and travelling to new places.

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