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We believe in our vision, and have the energy, motivation and commitment to effect positive change. However, we also need the resources to make our dream a reality. We really appreciate any and all contribution you make towards our cause, and we would be grateful if you could share our mission with your friends, family and wider networks.

We pledge to make this process completely transparent, so we will publish all our finances publicly. We update our costs and expenses on the same day that we incur them, and you can find this information below. Further breakdowns of expenses are readily available upon request.

in our first year, we supported six fellows pursue their higher secondary education. With your help, we offered four more fellowships in our second year, and have just accepted three more fellows in our third year. Three of our first year fellows who performed exceptionally well are continuing as Bachelor’s level fellows this year. As a result, our expenses are increasing exponentially each year, so we are counting on your support!

We welcome one-off as well as regular monthly/yearly contributions. If you would like to set up a giving plan that works best for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss the specifics. If you are interested in sponsoring one or more fellows for their higher education, we will gladly set up a plan accordingly.

For your information, we have broken down the estimated costs for higher education based on our expenses in 2012. We will update this information as necessary:


Each Fellow’s Expenses Monthly cost in NPR Monthly cost in USD Yearly Cost    in NPR Yearly Cost    in USD
Room and Board 5500 55 66000 660
Transportation 1000 10 12000 120
Stipend 2000 20 24000 240
Additional Tuition 1500 15 18000 180
Setup costs 10000 100
Trainings (English, Computer, Leadership) 20000 200
Books and Stationery 13000 130
Uniform 13000 130
Lab and Exam Fees 15000 150
Total 191000 1910