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We are indebted to the schools below for their enthusiastic help and support in making our vision a reality this year. We hope other schools will follow suit to accommodate more of our fellows in the coming years.


GEMS is at the forefront of education in Kathmandu valley, and we are touched by their warm reception of our objectives and our fellows. We approached the school in our initial days, when we had nothing but a concept note and our enthusiasm, but we found a home at GEMS, where they supported our ideas and ultimately admitted three of our fellows. Their response has given us the courage to dream bigger.


Two of our fellows are currently enrolled at Pentagon, a leading higher education in Teenkune, Kathmandu.


Prasadi has established itself as one of the best schools in the country. One of our fellows was able to secure an HSEB scholarship to study here.


Bishwamitra Ganesh is a community school in rural Lalitpur. Bucking the trend of the fall of public schools because of the meteoric rise of private schools in the country, Bishwamitra has prospered during these testing times. The commitment of the teachers matched with the hard work put in by the students has yielded excellent results at the national level, encouraging parents in the region to revert back to the public school. We were inspired by this school’s efforts, and wanted to continue its good work to facilitate further education for the most deserving students.