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A lot of new and interesting initiatives have been cropping up in Nepal in the last few years. These developments are exciting, and hold serious transformative potential. However, our experience suggest that many of these initiatives duplicate and sometimes even negate each other’s good work because of the lack of an integrative platform for partnerships. At Samaanta, we remain committed to sharing our ideas, our mission and our hope with like-minded people and institutions. Together, we can create a better future.


Home Loan Experts is an Australian mortgage broking business which has a large administration team in Kathmandu. HLE supports Nepali charities that specialise in education and chose to partner with Samaanta foundation after seeing the benefits of Samaanta’s unique model of support and buy in from students.

HLE are now providing financial support to expand the fellowship. Further, a number of HLE staff including Otto Dargan, San Awale, Tenzing Samdup, and Anit Shrestha are playing an active role in supporting the Foundation.


Established in 2006, Foundation Care For All is a Netherlands-based grassroots Non-Governmental Organisation that has operations in Kaski, Parbhat, Baglung and Mogu Districts of Nepal. It focuses especially on empowering Nepal’s educational sector by building and renovating schools, organising residential teacher trainings, women literacy projects, and by running an extensive scholarship program in cooperation with the Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. In its activities, FCFA emphasis specifically on local commitment, sustainability and the promotion of equal opportunities.


SEBS-NA comprises of the alumni and friends of Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, Nepal, located in different parts of North America. We are recognized by IRS, under section 201(c)(3) code, as a Tax Exempt organization. We are a volunteer-based organization dedicated to: 1) providing assistance to our members in North America, 2) conducting social service programs in Nepal and North America, 3) helping Budhanilkantha School to meet its educational objectives and 4) being an organization dedicated to better coordination and leadership among various Nepal-related associations in North America.


Biruwa Ventures has been a generous partner since Samaanta’s founding, providing us with free office space and logistical support while we mature as an organization. Most of the discussions that have led this organization here took place amidst committed friends at Biruwa.


Shanti Education Initiative Nepal (SEIN) is a non-profit organization that partners with Santi School Project to implement educational projects in Nepal.

SEIN helps improve the physical infra-structure of public schools of Nepal and enhance the standard of teaching inside and outside the classrooms by conducting primary level teacher training programs and mobilizing volunteers.


Small Earth Australia is an initiative that promotes cross border partnerships. It engages the passion people have towards humanity for the betterment of communities by undertaking collaborative development projects in the education, health and environmental sectors. Small Earth Australia is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit set up in Sydney and now has groups in Kathmandu, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, London and Canada.
Small Earth Australia engages with individuals and like-minded organisations globally to work towards sustainable solutions.


Teach for Nepal is a movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals who are committed to end education inequity in Nepal starting with two years of fellowship teaching in public schools.

Teach For Nepal fellowship is a two year long, full-time paid employment opportunity. During the two years, Fellows teach in public schools and bring about academic achievement and transformative impact in their students. At the same time, they harness their leadership skills through the teaching experience and intensive development training and support.


Because of the distance from their villages, our fellows were commuting for up to four hours a day, seriously undermining their academic pursuits. As a result, although we had not planned for or budgeted for this expense, we sought to place our fellows in the best environment possible.

Indrawati Chhatrawaash is a girls’ hostel located at the heart of Kathmandu in Buddhanagar. Impressed by our mission, the proprietor, Ms Anita Thapa, agreed to provide us with a generous scholarship to provide a comfortable home for four of our fellows.


Saathi Ko Ghar (Friend’s House) intends to provide support for food and accommodation. We believe that anyone who needs help should only be a step away from a friend. This initiative has developed an interactive place for community members with friends coming from different parts of the country or world. We believe ideas develop through sharing of experiences, which is our ultimate goal.